“Hello, I’m Odila!

Odila Portrait.jpeg

I’m a photographer and history lover, currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and soon afterwards moved with my family to the United States, not knowing that I would spend most of my life from that point on globe-trotting.

I inherited the passion for photography at a very early age from my father, a great amateur photographer. He would spend hours and hours with me in his dark room, showing me all one could do with negative developing and printing. He would also take me on many of his "shooting outings". From my mother, I inherited useful organizational thinking, much needed for efficient photo storing. At the age of 16, I was given my very first camera, my own Olympus OM 1... I finally had my own camera! When college time came, I chose to major in History at UNICAMP, São Paulo and have worked extensively in researching underwater archaeology; my last job was with UNESCO in South Africa. Although early on in my professional career I was dedicated to History, photography has always been very present in my life. After living in six continents, experiencing absolutely gorgeous sites, I decided that what was my passion, had to become my career! I'm now living in Cascais, just outside Lisbon, Portugal. I find it fascinating that photography has the ability to freeze moments in such a perfect way, so that, when looking back at those moments, we can travel in time effortlessly. The expression of colors, or the simplicity of black and white, tell us a story that is understandable to everyone; no matter the viewer's language, race or political opinions. I love the fact that it writes our life's biography in pictures. Thanks for coming by and welcome to my